Your Serve


DG Glenn Brandt (2-X3)

Membership is critical to our organization. If we don’t grow we will not be able to serve our communities in the manner we have in the past. This means our local, district, state and international communities. Remember, our Lions motto is “We Serve”, but we can only do this when we have members able to work on service projects in our communities. I have been a Lion for 38 years, and one of my Lions mentors in the past told me that if we take care of membership all of the others things we do will take care of themselves. What he meant was that membership supports all of the projects, we as Lions, are part of. Each of us pays dues to the Texas Lions Camp and to the Texas Lions Foundation. Through our 100{ea78abf6aefd82840c95631a2bee340185ca19eac03bdbe4a6b22bf7d31f458b} Humanitarian Efforts we support the Lions Clubs International Foundation, Texas Lions Camp, Texas Lions Foundation, Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center, Leader Dogs for the Blind, World Services for the Blind, various Lions Eye Banks and other worthy projects. All of this support is based on membership.

We are now in our 100th year of service through Lionism. June 30, 2017 is the 100th anniversary of our association. What better time is there to go out and “Ask” someone to join our Lions clubs. Because of the Centennial programs, that new Lion will receive a special Centennial Membership Pin, and you, as the sponsor, will also receive a Centennial Sponsor Pin.

The current Texas Council of Governors for 2016-2017 has decided to continue the “Re-MEMBER TEXAS” program. I ask every Lion in Texas to remember the following:


“WITH MEMBERSHIP COMES SERVICE”, i.e., take care of membership and the rest, especially service, will take care of itself.