What Are You Waiting For?


DG John Lyon (2-S3)

Previous Councils’ of Governors have come up with great plans to encourage growth. Sometimes not enough time was allotted to give them a chance. Last year the wooden coin was passed around to members to remind all Lions to bring in new members. It was left to the District Governors to establish guidelines for how many new lions were needed before the Re-member Texas Metal Coin was given to the sponsoring Lion. This coming 2016-17 Lions year, the Council of Governors will offer a similar pin instead of the metal coin.

A lot of effort was given for the Re-member Texas Pins however they mean little if we cannot keep these new members interested in what we do. Our growth is equally affected by lost members. Each District in every year makes plans to grow however not keeping members involved negates our plans. Consider reviewing new members after they have joined; have they been showing up to club meetings, involved in service projects or fundraisers? New members’ sponsors should dedicate at least 6 months to mentoring.

A major concern from each club comes around December and June, the time of year when dues are sent out. Why do we wait so long before dropping the member? The average new Lion will not put in a year without instruction and/or involvement. Try to put them to work as soon as possible; do you have greeters or a serving line? Do the same Lions give the invocation or pledge? Could you offer new members a chance at other positions?
Part of PIP Ebb Grindstaff’s goals was the Get ‘Em & Keep ‘Em plan. Please consider having a meaningful orientation, train sponsors to help mentor, and if all your efforts have failed- offering an exit interview. Offer questions that are free of emotional wording and if done correctly, problems can be found.  All these ideas are meaningless if the club doesn’t pay attention to our newest members. Please don’t wait 6 months and then wonder why. Take an active role in leading or mentoring.