The Secret Answer


DG Bobbie Fagan (2-S1)

When your community has a need, do they think of the Lions first when calling for help? If not, then your club does not perform enough service projects for the community to recognize your efforts. We need our communities to see that “We Serve” is not just our motto, it is our standard operating system. The key to membership growth is service. Clubs need to be constantly looking for service projects for their communities. People by nature want to give of themselves in service to the less fortunate. We need to build upon this fact. When you are looking for new members, look for those people who are willing to give of their time and efforts, for the benefit of their fellow human beings.

Here are five steps that will increase membership growth in your club:

  1. Look for new members that want to be of service. These people need to be able to give of their time, effort, commitment, and are satisfied when helping others.
  2. Invite them to a Lions meeting or a Lions service project. Let them see the work that Lions are doing for their community. Let them take part in that action and service.
  3. Let them know what the club represents and express the club’s commitment to service. Define the expectations that are required from each member.
  4. Once they become a member, keep the communication lines open, mentor them, nurture them, and provide many activities and projects to keep them involved. When they are actively involved, they will remain a member and begin to actively search for new members. They will become leaders within your clubs if you will build on their strengths, and rely upon them to perform great services.
  5. Have fun. Create an atmosphere of fellowship, comradery, and friendship among your club members. When people are happy and feel they are of service, they don’t want to miss a minute of the action and fun. While at your club meetings, they should be able to put away their troubles of the day and just have a little laughter, fun, and fellowship. Happy members, will remain involved and active.

Service is the secret to recruiting, retaining, and rebuilding any club. If members are happy with the projects and the benefits they are offering their communities, they will feel fulfilled and satisfied that they are helping their fellowman. Make “We Serve” more than a motto, make it your sole purpose.