Blindness is no respecter of persons. It strikes without regard to race, religion, sex or nationality. In the United States, more than 25 million people age 18 and older are blind or have severe visual impairments that cause them to make adjustments in their careers and everyday living situations. The mission of World Services for the Blind (WSB) is to empower blind or visually impaired adults in the United States and around the world to achieve sustainable independence.

WSB was founded by Roy Kumpe in 1947 to serve blind or visually impaired people who needed to learn independent living skills or job training skills tailored to the special requirements of their individual visual impairments. The goal of WSB then, and today, is to empower blind or visually impaired adults to achieve sustainable independence through life skills, career training and community access. Since its birth, WSB has served more than 13,000 people from all 50 states and 58 countries.

Recently, WSB announced the the receipt of a grant from the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF). The grant, which covers a two-year period, will allow WSB to implement a referral network and establish two new, exciting programs that will extend the reach and impact of the organization.

Texas Lions work with the Little Rock-based organization in many ways, including providing volunteers for various works as well as promoting the services to members and families statewide.

For more information, visit the World Services for the Blind here.