Diabetes Awareness Essay Contest

The Diabetes Awareness Essay Contest is an annual competition allowing student participants the opportunity to research, organize and present perspectives on a given topic related to Diabetes. With almost 400 million people worldwide suffering from the three types of diabetes and with Texas Lions involved in helping youth with the disease, the contest emphasizes the need for new ideas, understanding and dissecting societal and individual issues associated with the condition.  The scholarship awards for this contest are $4,000 for 1st place, $2,000 for 2nd place and $1,000 for 3rd place.

Diabetes Awareness Essay Contest Coordinator

PDG Cesar Montelongo
P.O. Box 562
Donna, Texas  78537
(956) 460-7801 (cell)

Topic for the 2017-2018 Year

”Accepting a Diabetes Diagnosis: What can Parents, Partners and Caregivers do to help loved ones adjust to a “new normal?“


Some individuals diagnosed with diabetes have a difficult time accepting a diabetes diagnosis and fail to seek medical attention for this disease.  What specific recommendations would you provide for parents, partners and caretakers to help loved ones adjust to living with diabetes and help them live long and healthy lives. 


 The Diabetes Awareness Essay Contest is open to all high school juniors and seniors. Scholarship awards must be collected no later than two (2) years following the recipient’s graduation from High School.

Application Process and Rules

Students should contact their local Lions Club to inform them that they wish to participate in the contest. Then the participant must complete the Common Contest application form, the Medical Power of Attorney Form and sign the Code of Conduct.  Students may download each of these from the links below, fill them out in Adobe Reader and submit them according to the rules for the contest. Any questions should be directed to the Contest Coordinator listed above.

2018 OFY Contest Application Form

09-12-2017 Download
2018 OFY Medical Power of Attorney

08-23-2017 Download
2018 OFY Code of Conduct

08-23-2017 Download
2018 OFY Diabetes Awareness Rules

10-13-2017 Download

Since each district is responsible for providing a chaperone, they must also complete the

2018 OFY Chaperone Guidelines

08-23-2017 Download

Claiming Your Scholarship

To collect your scholarship award, the contest winner or runner-up must submit proof of registration information from a university, college, junior college or vocational school. A formal request for payment, using the scholarship request form below, should be sent to the state office along with any supplemental information needed by the institution (i.e. scholarship forms, etc). Scholarship awards must be collected no later than two (2) years following the recipient’s graduation from High School. Send request for payment to:

Texas Lions MD-2 State Office
P. O. Box 294509
Kerrville, TX 78029-4509
Phone: 830-257-6557

Please note that payment will be made directly to the designated school.  All scholarship awards must be collected no later than two years following the recipient’s graduation from High School.

2018 OFY State Scholarship Form

10-18-2017 Download

These instructions also appear in the Contest Rules (see above).

District Application Check-Off List

Districts that sponsor winners to the State Contest will need to follow the below checklist to comply with all procedures for application.

2018 OFY District Application Check Off List

08-29-2017 Download