Growing Lions Membership

The following contains the collective wisdom of the District Governors of Texas and other notable Lions regarding growing Lions membership in your local community. Lions membership must focus on a diverse cultural spirit, a willingness to promote the organization, organizing events and projects that provide benefit to local residents and high visibility through related civic organizations and media.

Click on the Articles below to read what our leadership has to say about how you can be inspired and motivated!


CC T. J. Tijerina (2-A2) – I’m 100 Years Old, What’s Your Excuse?

I am very pleased that the Council of Governors for 2016-2017 will continue the re-MEMBER TEXAS membership program. We will be asking all Texas Lions to RECRUIT new members, REBUILD & EXTENSION through involvement and service, AND RETAIN our membership with a focused approach in meeting and caring for our lion members in each club. [Read more…]


DG Lion Robert Bain (2-T1) – Are You Keeping A Secret?

The Texas Lions Camp is one of the best kept secrets of the Texas Lions. We need to have “EVERY” line promote the camp not just the Camp Directors. [Read more…]


DG Jim Petty (2-T2) – Great Decisions

I am sitting here thinking back on my years as a Lion and I think about the first moment I was asked to a Lions Club meeting/meal. I think about how it made me feel and there are many, many words and phrases that pop into my head but the one word that seems to keep circulating is the word PROUD. [Read more…]

DG Brian Caswell (2-T3) – Feel The Love

Our Theme in district 2T3 for 2016 – 17 will be “Feel the Love”. As Lions we do so much to help others in line with our motto “We Serve”, that we might forget to pause and reflect on why we choose to do all that we do. [Read more…]


DG Rodney Foyce (2-E1) – Just Say No

When Barbara Bush was First Lady in the White House she coined the phrase “Just Say No”. She applied the phrase to kids related to drugs. . I always found “Just Say No” applies well too many situations. [Read more…]


DG Lion Bill Smothermon (2-X1) – How Many Lions?

Each year the Coppell Lions have a pancake breakfast. This year we invited our Leos to come and join in the fun, and they did a wonderful job, especially at teaching us about membership. [Read more…]

DG Jenn Sandlin (2-X2) – Just Brilliant

Re-Member Texas is a brilliant campaign to increase membership in MD2.  Wish I could say the FVDG’s came up with this, but we didn’t.  We decided it was a worthy enough idea to continue it for another year. [Read more…]


DG Glenn Brandt (2-X3) – Your Serve

Membership is critical to our organization. If we don’t grow we will not be able to serve our communities in the manner we have in the past. This means our local, district, state and international communities. [Read more…]


DG Dave Richison (2-A1) – Ask 100 Get 10

My first time working on a team to start up a new club was in the spring of 2015. Roy Landry, who is an old hand at this, showed me how to go into a new town and ask people to be part of a new Lions club. [Read more…]


DG John Lee (2-A2) – The Desire For A Fulfilling Life

Two interesting insights have been published recently regarding how older people feel about the quality of their lives. The first was a survey of people in their 60’s or older. [Read more…]

DG David Krebs (2-A3) – Do You Know My Name?

Most people are like me, when they meet a new person in a group setting they have a hard time remembering their name. Two factors cause this, you are surrounded by distractions and you know nothing personal about the person.[Read more…]


DG Bobbie Fagan (2-S1) – The Secret Answer

When your community has a need, do they think of the Lions first when calling for help? If not, then your club does not perform enough service projects for the community to recognize your efforts. [Read more…]


DG Mark Roth (2-S2) – But I Really Miss You!

Why is it so hard to hold on to our members? Every year, for the last several years, my district lost a few more Lions through drops than we gained through extension and new member recruitment. [Read more…]


DG John Lyon (2-S3) – What Are You Waiting For?

Previous Councils’ of Governors have come up with great plans to encourage growth. Sometimes not enough time was allotted to give them a chance. Last year the wooden coin was passed around to members to remind all Lions to bring in new members. [Read more…]


DG Malaki Gore (2-S4) – Are We Having Fun Yet?

PASSION – COMPASSION – PURPOSE – “ACTION” FRIENDS – CO-WORKERS – ‘LIONS” Reasons for being a Lion and those to share Lionism. [Read more…]