Ask 100 Get 10


DG Dave Richison (2-A1)

My first time working on a team to start up a new club was in the spring of 2015. Roy Landry, who is an old hand at this, showed me how to go into a new town and ask people to be part of a new Lions club. Some people have no interest, some have excuses for not joining, and some are excited about being a part of the club. Our first day in the town recruiting brought little success. The second day we met Misty Hill and when we talked about the Texas Lions camp she was sold. Not only did we get Misty we got her husband and a dozen of her friends. My average is about 10 percent success. So, if I want to start a new club with 20 members I need to ask about 200 people to sign up.

My second time working on starting a new club was completely different from the first. It was a much bigger community and easier to get 20 people to sign up. It was much more difficult to get 8 people to be active and step up to be the leaders.

What I have learned from this experience is when you ask someone to join Lions, sometimes you get NO, sometimes excuses, and sometimes a person who will be a long time committed Lion.

When I ask someone to join the Lions I never think I’m asking them to do me a favor. I always feel I’m doing them a favor. It is their community and they have this opportunity to make it a better place to live. Is there any community that doesn’t have unfulfilled needs, children whose futures could be better, senior citizens whose lives could be more comfortable, those that are sick or disabled who could use a little help? Lions can make that difference in the community.