Are You Keeping A Secret?


DG Robert Bain (2-T1)

The Texas Lions Camp is one of the best kept secrets of the Texas Lions. We need to have “EVERY” line promote the camp not just the Camp Directors. I have given the camp information to the school nurses at my grandkids schools. Last year as I picked up my granddaughter I saw a group of special needs kids waiting with their teacher for their parents to pick them up. The next day I asked the school principal if I could give that teacher some camp info and she said yes. The teacher took the information and only one student applied for the camp. The result of her going to the camper her father joined our Lions Club and is now helping us recruit other campers for the camp. Just by asking we were able to get several of the special ed teachers to help us spread the word about the camp

As we did for the membership program of “ASK” that is what Lions of Texas need to do for the camp “JUST ASK”. Our club has had an information booth at the local walks for Down syndrome, Juvenile Diabetes and even joined AMBUCKS at their annual walk as they were giving out special tricycles event. Parents do not know about our camp and that is our fault because we do not “toot” our horn. Most special needs parents are involved in some type of support group and by getting just one to send their child to camp we can get the word of mouth to help spread the word

A camp like ours is that t is no cost to the camper is pretty unique and we need to have a full amp each and every session

Go online and educate yourselves about the camp and let the parents know about the web site.